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Smith Custom Drums - Limited Edition - Orange Pearl with Gibraltar Rack

$1800.00 $2300.00


Limited Edition

Our Perspective:
This 7 piece Limited Edition Smith Drum kit just came in on consignment. All 7 piieces have a badge stating: # 1 of 250, #2 of 250.....up to #7 of 250. The sizes are 8,10,12,14,16 hanging toms, a 22" bass drum and 14" snare drum. The drums are in excellent condition, sound great and are truly a unique set!! The shells are reported to be Jasper shells made of maple/Gum Wood. The workmanship is a grade above. The Smith company was a small group of custom builders paying close attention to the small details during the build process, resulting in great sounding drums. It also comes with a great Gibraltar rack.

Just received this:
Hey George, just a note on these orange Smith limited edition drums. The label indicates that the shells are not keller maple, they are genuine vintage jasper maple/gum shells (VJMG) except for the snare. Same exact shells used by Gretsch from the same shell factory in Jasper Indiana. Smith made 250 drums for Sam ash using this shell and the vintage lug for a limited run. This must have been part of that run. Also, they had access to the jasper shell because Smith did much of the custom artist work for Gretsch (little known fact) and had a direct buying relationship with the Jasper factory in Jasper Indiana. Just thought you might like the info. I used to work there. 


  • Jasper Shells
  • Made in Bridgeport CT.
  • No Longer in Business
  • USA Quality Drum Kit

Please ask al questions, as this is a consignment instrument and ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!


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Carr Mercury 1x12 8 Watt Combo - USA - Used





Our Perspective:
This pristine Mercury just came in on consignment from one of our best customers. It has very few hours on it, the original owner is a home player, so this amp has never left his home and was only occasionally played at low volumes in his home. Comes with the original box and manual!!

Consignment sale, as such, ALL SALES FINAL!!

The Mercury inspires visions of a classic cabinet design from a time long ago, but within the chassis of the Mercury you'll discover an inspiring and truly innovative circuit (along with utterly remarkable tone). While it is true that your friends, band mates and family members will admire the Mercury for its good looks and 'polite' power rating, Mercury owners seem to cherish our newest amp for many other practical reasons. Our exclusive power attenuating circuit enables the Mercury to be played at 8, 2, 1/2 and only 1/10 watts, with no appreciable change in tone, yet the Mercury easily yields enough clean headroom for club work. Add our renowned reverb circuit, a 3-position boost switch for subtle-to-intense output tube distortion, plus the incomparably thick and rich tone of a single EL-34 power tube, and the Mercury will earn its rightful place among your most treasured instruments.

Our new Mini-Mercury has the same electronics as the standard 1x12" Mercury but differs in its smaller cabinet and its warm and smoky 10 inch Eminence Lil Buddy hemp cone speaker. The cabinet measures a friendly 19.5" wide by 15" tall by 10" deep at the bottom sloping to 9" deep on the top. This is 2 inches shorter and 1 3/4 inches narrower than the standard 1x12" Mercury making it very compact.


  • Class A
  • Single-ended fixed bias EL-34 output stage
  • Single channel: bass, treble, reverb
  • 3-position boost switch
  • Treble cut switch
  • Built in 4 position attenuator (8, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watt)
  • Mercury 1x12 combo


  • Power: 8, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watts
  • Tubes: 2 12AX7, 1 12AT7, 1 EL34
  • Channels: 1
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
  • Switches: 3-position Boost, Treble Cut, 4-position Output Power
  • Footswitch: No
  • Reverb: Yes
  • FX Loop: No
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