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Smith Custom Drums - Limited Edition - Orange Pearl with Gibraltar Rack

$2000.00 $2300.00


Limited Edition

Our Perspective:
This 7 piece Limited Edition Smith Drum kit just came in on consignment. All 7 piieces have a badge stating: # 1 of 250, #2 of 250.....up to #7 of 250. The sizes are 8,10,12,14,16 hanging toms, a 22" bass drum and 14" snare drum. The drums are in excellent condition, sound great and are truly a unique set!! The shells are reported to be Jasper shells made of maple/Gum Wood. The workmanship is a grade above. The Smith company was a small group of custom builders paying close attention to the small details during the build process, resulting in great sounding drums. It also comes with a great Gibraltar rack.

Just received this:
Hey George, just a note on these orange Smith limited edition drums. The label indicates that the shells are not keller maple, they are genuine vintage jasper maple/gum shells (VJMG) except for the snare. Same exact shells used by Gretsch from the same shell factory in Jasper Indiana. Smith made 250 drums for Sam ash using this shell and the vintage lug for a limited run. This must have been part of that run. Also, they had access to the jasper shell because Smith did much of the custom artist work for Gretsch (little known fact) and had a direct buying relationship with the Jasper factory in Jasper Indiana. Just thought you might like the info. I used to work there. 


  • Jasper Shells
  • Made in Bridgeport CT.
  • No Longer in Business
  • USA Quality Drum Kit

Please ask al questions, as this is a consignment instrument and ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!


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Suhr Classic Antique Custom - 2 Tone Tobacco Burst - 2011



Classic Antique

Our Perspective:
This beautiful Suhr Classic Antique Custom was originally ordered through George’s Music Center by one of the better players in the area - after 6 years he has decided to sell this beast - this guitar is super light weight at 7.2 lbs. and has one of the best neck profiles that John Suhr offers, that, with the choice of the ML pickups makes this one of the best Strat style guitars available!! The middle pickup cover has a small crack which is not part of the antiquing process - This guitar will put a smile on your face!!

Weight - 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Consignment Sales, as such, All Sales Final!

Our customers have asked for an instrument that has a vintage look and feel, without sacrificing playability and tone. Enter the Classic Antique™. We designed this guitar to ensure it preserves the spirit of a vintage instrument while performing like a Suhr. Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and that every instrument is ready for peak performance before leaving our facility.
The nitro-cellulose lacquer finish and our proprietary antiquing process make each Classic Antique™ feel like it has been loved for years.


  • Model - Classic Antique Custom
  • Serial # - 14674
  • Body Wood - Swamp Ash
  • Neck Back Shape - 60’s C Vintage Medium .830 - .950
  • Radius - 10” - 14”
  • Nut - Tusq
  • Frets - Heavy Stainless Steel
  • Nut Width - 1.650”
  • Hardware Color - Chrome
  • Gears - Gotoh Kluson
  • Pick guard - Aged Green 
  • Electronics - Volume, Tone M (push/pull for SSC), Tone B - No Tone for Neck Pickup
  • Other - SSC
  • Input Jack - Face Jack
  • Pickups - JST ML Classic Single-Coil - Aged Green Covers
  • Finish - 2 Tone Tobacco Burst - Light Aging
  • Case - G&G Tweed Hardshell Form-Fit
  • String Gauge - .010-.046
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McKay Sunrise 19 - 1959 ES335 Replica - USED

$4899.99 $7500.00


McKay Sunrise 19

Our Perspective:
This guitar just came in on consignment. Ken McKay is a master builder and creates some of the most authentic ES335’s on the market. This particular guitar had an issue of the bridge being in the wrong place, the intonation was impossible to set properly. Our Tech (Former Master Builder at Hamer Guitars) pulled the bridge studs, filled them and reset the posts in the proper place, the intonation is perfect! At that time, we also replaced the original bridge with a Tone Pro’s ABR-1. The original bridge is included - someone filed the saddles, I think to try and get the intonation correct.

Enough of the cons, the upside is this guitar now plays and sounds incredible!! The playability is right on! The truss rod is all the way loose, with perfect relief, so there is plenty of adjustment to go with thicker strings These guitars sell new for $7500.00 - This one is a fraction of that!!

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!!

Weight - 8 lbs. 5 oz.

McKay Tribute Guitars:
Ken McKay bought his first guitar in 1972, a Fender Jazzmaster, and proceeded to "mod" it, which of course required he later restore it back to original. This set the stage for his lifelong interest in lutherie. Realizing the gap between interest and proficiency, he decided to study woodworking formally and enrolled in the School of Classical Woodcarving, and later started his lifelong quest of acquiring tonewood for violins, double basses and guitars. "Since then I have made them all," says McKay. "From violins to double basses, classical and fingerstyle guitars and my special passion, electric guitars. I let the wood stare at me for sometimes up to a decade before it tells me what it wants to be. Yet other woods, like a chunk of old growth mahogany tells me right away," he adds. "Some of the brazilian rosewood I have here is very old and has been stickered and curing for decades. I chopped down a huge white pine tree a couple of years ago and I am pretty sure those billets want to become double bass tops; now they are ready!"

McKay opened Up North Strings after loading up the tonewood, wife, and kids, and moving to Traverse City Michigan. "We primarily serviced and sold student stringed instruments and I made plenty of time for my special passion, making double basses. But making guitars, and guitar parts for other luthiers has always been a big part of my business, especially laminated guitar plates for archtop makers," says McKay. Having made some laminated guitars of his own design he started to think about paying tribute to some of the guitars that have risen to the top. "I wanted to see how close I could get to the original designs; I tried to get everything just right. Building jigs and acquiring more tonewood, including custom ordered veneer for laminating now takes the place of some of the violinmaking stuff. It is hard to make just one of the laminated guitars, it takes a lot of jiggery which is really hard to justify for just one tribute guitar. The first tribute guitar turned out so well I want see how far I can take this," says McKay.

Recently, the McKays moved to the Detroit area, a hotbed for manufacturing, and set up a new shop. There he has help from the next generation, his boys Quinn and Sean and now specializes in reproducing great guitars and wants to construct yours.

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