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Presonus Blue Tube DP 2-Channel Mic/Instrument Tube Pre-Amp

$229.99 $279.99


Blue Tube DP 2

End the Debate!
Solid-state clarity or tube warmth, which to choose? We suggest you stop wasting time pondering that old argument and choose the BlueTube DP dual-path mic/instrument preamp, which lets you apply fat, warm 12AX7 tube tone or go with solid-state transparency.

The solid-state path leads to our classic high-headroom, Class A XMAX™ mic preamplifier with 54 dB of gain. The tube path features a high-output, 12AX7 vacuum tube that operates on voltages double that of other preamplifiers in its class, producing lots of headroom and big tone. You get all the secondary features you expect in a professional-grade preamp: 48V phantom power, an 80 Hz high-pass filter, -20 dB pad to control hot input signals, and a polarity-reverse switch. Each channel has an illuminated VU meter so you can visually monitor your input levels.

A Tube Drive control provides a wide range of sounds: when it’s clicked off, you’re using the solid-state preamp for quiet, transparent amplification; when it’s engaged, your signals flow through the tube preamp, and you can achieve anything from gentle warmth to edgy distortion.

Versatile and Affordable
Thanks to its two combo mic/instrument inputs, the BlueTube DP is an excellent choice for guitars and basses, as well as for vocals. With balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼” main outputs, it serves as a dandy direct box (DI). If you’re a singer-songwriter who performs solo with a guitar, you can run your vocal through one channel and your guitar through the other, then feed both to the house system—no guitar amp needed. Try the BlueTube DP as a front end for your DAW, as well; sure, your recording interface might already include preamps, but few of them give you both tube and solid-state operation.

The BlueTube DP is packaged in a compact, rugged, 1/2U chassis so it can be used as a desktop unit or rack-mounted with the optional 2UHR rack adapter. To top it off, we offer the BlueTube DP at a very affordable price.
So if you’re debating between getting a tube preamp or a solid-state preamp, quit torturing yourself! Get the best of both worlds with the most versatile, best-sounding mic/instrument preamplifier in its price range: the BlueTube DP.

2 input channels, each with:

  • High-headroom Class A XMAX™ mic preamplifier
  • Dual path, 12AX7 vacuum tube and solid-state gain stages
  • Solid-state Gain control with 0 dB to +54 dB gain range
  • Tube Drive tube-saturation control
  • 48V phantom power
  • 80 Hz high-pass filter
  • -20 dB pad
  • Polarity-reverse switch
  • Illuminated analog VU input-level meter


  • 2 balanced combo mic/unbalanced instrument inputs
  • 2 balanced XLR main (L/R) line outputs
  • 2 unbalanced ¼” main (L/R) line outputs


  • Compact 1/2U rack-mount chassis
  • External 16 VAC power supply
  • Optional 2UHR rack adapter
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PreSonus 1-Channel Compressor Comp16

$129.99 $159.99



Compression Made Easy

Dynamics processing is by far the most commonly misunderstood type of signal processing. It’s just not as intuitive as, say, EQ and delay. Many musicians struggle to find the right compressor settings.

The COMP16 makes compression more accessible by providing 16 presets that have been carefully tailored for a wide range of applications, including vocals, percussion, fretted instruments, keyboards, stereo program material, and effects. All you have to do is choose a preset, tweak the input gain and makeup gain to taste, and you’re done. The backlit VU meter displays either gain reduction or output gain, and a bypass switch lets you check the processed signal against the original.

Like other processors in our Max Rack series, the COMP16 has separate balanced ¼” line and XLR mic inputs and outputs, and it can sit on a tabletop or can be mounted in 1/3 rackspace, using the optional 3UMR rack adapter.

And that’s all you need to know—except that the price is as small as the box.

COMP16 compression made easy.

Analog compressor/limiter with:

  • Preset Select (16 presets)
  • Input gain control with -20 to +20 dB gain range
  • Output (makeup) gain control with -20 to +20 dB gain range
  • Backlit VU meter
  • Output to Meter switch (meter displays gain reduction or output gain)
  • Bypass


  • 1 balanced ¼” line input
  • 1 balanced XLR line input
  • 1 balanced ¼” line output
  • 1 balanced XLR line output


  • Compact 1/3U rack-mount chassis
  • External 12 VDC power supply
  • Optional 3UMR rack adapter
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