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Catalinbread Belle Epoch - EP3 Tape Echo Pedal

$209.99 $294.00



Faithful sonic recreation of the EP-3 tape echo.

"The Catalinbread Belle Epoch is the closest thing to a real EP-3 that I've ever played."
- Eric Johnson

The Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo, has tape echo sounds so authentic you’d swear there was tape inside the pedal! Inspired by the Maestro Echoplex, EP-3 model, perhaps the most famous tape delay ever, the Belle Epoch features everything we love about the EP-3 in a small, maintenance free pedal format. We felt that a “tape echo” pedal was much more than just a standard digital delay with some “filtering” on the repeats. There are a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle traits of the Echoplex that needed to be implemented in order to be authentic. The preamp, the self-oscillation character, the ability to control the “record level” of the signal hitting “tape”, the wow and flutter, the way the repeats decay, the way the circuit interfaces with the amp and other pedals – all these things were important to get right. The original unit was used as a musical instrument unto itself and this is what we captured with the Belle Epoch.


  • Model - BELLE EPOCH
  • UPC - 853710004208
  • Power Source - 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately) 
  • Power Usage - 60mA
  • Features - Internal gain pot, internal bypass type switch
  • Max Delay Time - 800ms
  • True Bypass - Yes (switchable to trails mode)
  • Height - 1.96"
  • Width - 2.36" 
  • Depth - 4.33"
  • Weight - .40 lbs.
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Catalinbread Skewer - Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster Pedal

$169.99 $237.00



One of the most recognizable pieces of gear in classic rock canon is the old Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster, a version of the classic effect used by too many artists to list. While almost all of them used a Rangemaster, the Hornby-Skewes version came stock with a silicon transistor for a more biting sound that cut through even the densest of mixes. The SKEWER stays true to that circuit, giving the old JHS unit the same treatment as our Naga Viper. This lets you dial in the desired frequency range from rich and full to treble-heavy, as well as control the amount of boost. You can also vary the amount of transistor gain for some extra juice. Some players had their original Treble Booster modded to play nicer with the rest of their gear. We’ve taken the liberty of giving you that mod as well, which is fully adjustable via the trimpot inside. Further enhancements include a noise reduction filter and anti-pop switch circuitry. This one bites just a little harder than our Naga Viper, and sounds fantastic with the DREAMCOAT.

SKEW: Adjusts the frequency response of the boost, which also slightly affects the gain. When dialed fully counter-clockwise, you get full range and max gain. When dialed fully clockwise, you get the stock setting of the original H-S Treble Booster.

BOOST: Adjusts the amount of boost. Stock H-S setting is about 2/3 up.

EXTRA: Adjusts level of gain extracted from the transistor. Crank this setting to get rowdy.

INTERNAL TRIMMER: This is a master volume control. It's included because rumor has it that certain players had their TB modded for master volume to make it sound better with their amps. Default is all the way up.

The Skewer requires a 9V power supply center-negative and draws 1mA. Any more current than that is A-OK, but you can’t exceed 9V without letting the smoke out. Bad things will happen, including but not limited to shouting expletives and more importantly, voiding your warranty. Accepts 9V battery. True bypass

The Skewer has an incredibly low current draw (1mA), and so a battery will last for months and months. All battery operated effects will continue to drain the battery as long as a cable is plugged into the pedal’s input. However, the original Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster did not have a jack-based battery defeat, and as such, neither does the Skewer.

If you insist on running the Skewer with a battery, please remove it when it’s not on your board or in storage.


  • Model - Skewer
  • UPC - 853710004895
  • Current draw - 1mA 
  • Input impedance - 100k 
  • Output impedance - 8k 
  • Dimensions - 4.33” X 2.36” X 1.93” 
  • Weight - 0.46 lbs
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Catalinbread Topanga - Classic Spring Reverb Pedal

$209.99 $294.00



  • Big wet and splashy.
  • 60's outboard spring reverb tank.

"Surf guitarist's wet dream."
- Tone Report Magazine

The outboard Fender 6G15 spring reverb unit is the sound of Surf guitar, Spaghetti Western and many other great guitar sounds from the sixties. Part of its magic, and how it differs from the internal spring reverb found in most Fender-style amps, is that it is run *in front* of the amp, causing the reverb signal to distort and sound more intense. Because there were additional knobs on the outboard units, you also have more control over the reverb qualities. The Dwell knob controlled how hard the springs were getting hit by the guitar signal. The Tone knob allowed the treble to be dialed back to just the right degree of brightness. It was also essentially a tube preamp, so it would color the sound going into the amp. All this added up to a very distinctive reverb sound with a lot of attitude and complex non-linearities that are hard to replicate. But we here at Catalinbread did just that! Besides giving you the classic three knob control compliment of the original, we’ve also added a great discrete preamp that you can control via the Volume knob for a healthy amount of great clean boost when you want it


  • Model - TOPANGA
  • UPC - 853710004215
  • Power Source - 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage - 64mA
  • Height - 1.96"
  • Width - 2.36"
  • Depth - 4.33"
  • Weight - .40 lbs.
  • Features - Internal bypass mode switch
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