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Ludwig Atlas Classic Hi-Hat Stand (LAC16HH)

$155.00 $238.00



ATLAS Classic
Highly portable for the Metropolitan Professional

Light-weight, yet durable stands designed for optimum set-ups in confined spaces.

The true originals never really go out of style; they just improve with age. Created to be highly portable for the drummer on the go, Ludwig's new Atlas Classic Series Hardware is precision engineered for higher function and increased durability. The simple, light-weight approach of our original flat-based stands is enhanced with modern appointments, while retaining the core elements of their predecessors.

Classic Hi-Hat Stand

  • Aerodisc Bottom Cymbal Tilter (Patent Pend.): A unique, revolving approach allowing the player to position the bottom hat cymbal to any angle and lock it in place.
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Acculite Sustain Feet (Patent Pend): Standard on all Atlas Classic stands, Acculite Sustain Feet are designed to increase placement versatility compared to other flat based stands. Their dual-slot design allows for unrestricted, overlapping positioning using alternating heights on companion stands. Acculite's bottom chamber further creates a sonic barrier between the stand and the floor, improving resonance from mounted cymbals, toms and snare drums.
  • Upper tripod lock for rock-solid stability
  • Foldable wire base for compact storage and portability
  • Easily replaceable cymbal sleeve
  • Simple, durable construction.
  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors: Added stability and grip to insure solid, slip-free performance located directly under the heel plate for improved stability.
  • 7/8,3/4" tubing for light weight and portability
  • Insulated tube joint clamps


  • Aerodisc Bottom Cymbal Tilter (Patent Pend.) A unique, revolving approach allowing the player to position the bottom hat cymbal to any angle and lock it in place.
  • Upper tripod lock for rock-solid stability
  • Insulated tube joint clamps
  • Adjustable spring tension
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Tama HH55F Classic Hi-Hat Stand

$99.99 $167.00



The Classic Hi-Hat Stand
Inspired by the vintage hi-hat stands of the 1960s, we are proud to announce our new extremely lightweight and compact The Classic Hi-Hat Stand. This hi-hat stand is not merely a rehash of old designs, but a beautiful blend of vintage style with the strength, adjustability, and reliability of modern construction. In addition, the hi-hat stand’s compact folding design and light weight make it very easy to transport.


  • Weight - 2.3kg (5.1lbs)
  • Heigh Adjustment Rnage - 650mm-950mm (26 3/8" - 36 5/8")
  • Storage Size - 500mm (19 11/16") (upper section) / 600mm (23 5/8”)(lower section)

Single Braced Flat Base Tripod Legs
This hi-hat stand features a flat base with single braced legs making for a sleek, lightweight design that's very easy to transport.

Smooth Surface Footboard
The newly designed classic style footboard takes advantage of both a lightweight construction and smooth surface, making it a great choice for any drumming style.

Individual Adjustment of Spring Tension & Footboard Angle
The spring tension and footboard angle can be adjusted individually using a drum key.
Spring Tension
While loosening the square head bolt A, move the footboard up and down to adjust the spring tension.
Footboard Angle Adjustment
While loosening the square head bolt B, slide the center pipe up and down to adjust the footboard angle.

Knurling on Base Pipe
This knurling surface prevents the T-bolt from slipping off, which is the typical problem for flat base hi-hat stand. (Pat.pending)

Die-ast Pipe Joint / Memory Lock
The new Die-Cast Joint design provides a secure attachment by, tightly gripping the tube with a metal plate that is held in place by the T-bolt. In addition, a memory lock prevents the pipe from any unwanted rotation or sliding.

Easy Store Radius Rod
Hook the wire rods to the protrusions on the bottom of the footboard for quick and easy storage and transport.

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