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Fender Deluxe Reverb II - Rivera Era - Hand-Wired - 1983/84



Deluxe Reverb II

Our Perspective:
This just came in from the original owner, who never played it - he bought it to play harmonica through and once he got it home realized it was not the sound he was looking for. He came in today and purchased boutique clone of a 1959 tweed deluxe from us and left this amp on consignment with us. Everything works as it should, the amp sounds great and the original footswitch is included. It looks like all the original glass is present as well!! This is a time capsule amp!! No disappointments here!!

Consignment Sales, as such, All Sales Final!!

Description found on the Internet:
Designed to compete with Mesa Boogie in the early 80's under the lead of Paul Rivera, this amp is a bit different than the Deluxe Reverb that most of us are familiar with. It is a two channel hand wired amp that has reverb on both channels and only one set of inputs. The channels are switched using a pull switch on the volume control pot of the first channel or by a foot-switch that also switches the reverb on and off (foot-switch not included). The first channel is your standard deluxe clean that you can send into breakup by turning most of the way up. The second channel is a gain channel that has both a gain and volume control and a pull switch mid boost. This is very handy for getting classic overdriven deluxe reverb tones at a fraction of the volume. It will also go way beyond the classic deluxe tones. It will do anything from fat and bluesy to seriously crunchy overdrive, especially with the mid boost engaged. There is no tremolo circuit in any of the Rivera era Fender amps, however the reverb to my ear sounds better than almost any amp I have ever played. There is also a presence control that when coupled with the reverb is very handy in shaping your tone. This is very useful for any application where you want a ton of reverb but you need a bit of control over the harmonics produced by a super wet reverb setting. It also has a recording/direct line out.

These amps were the last of the hand wired Fender production amps and had a relatively short production run, from 82-86. They were also the last era built in Fullerton


  • Model - Deluxe Reverb II
  • Serial # - F312084 (dates amp to 1983/84)
  • Speaker - 1x12 Oxford (? number on speaker - 019465)
  • Tubes - 2 x 6v6, 7025, 12AT7
  • Rectifier - Solid State
  • Watts - 20
  • Effects - Reverb
  • Channels - 2
  • Weight - 32 LBS.
  • Years of Production - 1982 - 1986
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