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Dean Markley ProMag Plus Single Coil



ProMag Plus

Dean Markley's ProMag Plus™ acoustical pickup has become an industry standard. ProMag's perfect balance and maple wood housing give it that smooth, high-end response that you want from an acoustical pickup. ProMag is unsurpassed.

Being a single coil pickup, the ProMag Plus™ has bell-like harmonics that sing like no other acoustical pickup. ProMag has gained recognition as the finest sounding acoustic pickup made. ProMag is voiced and balanced at the factory for perfect string balance—treble strings and bass strings will ring out with the same volume. An award wining 15 foot low noise, double-shielded cable terminated with a solderless 1/4" nickel jack gives you freedom of movement with no worry of noise or hum.

Plug into Dean Markley's ProMag Plus™ Acoustical Pickup and see just how good your acoustic guitar can sound. ProMag is fantastic!

The Experience
During soundcheck, I discovered that the pickup in my guitar wasn’t working.can sound. ProMag is fantastic!
I didn’t worry too much about it, though, because I figured the battery just needed replacing. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. Fortunately, I always come prepared; I had a package of batteries in my tackle box.

I put a new battery in… and nothing happened. I checked to make sure the cable was all the way in the jack, remembering the embarrassing gig where I kept signaling for the sound man to put more guitar in the monitors—only to discover that I’d forgotten to plug in. Everything looked good there. I tried another battery. Nada. I looked at the date on the package. These batteries should still be fresh. Sticking the battery on my tongue confirmed that it still had plenty of juice. I tried switching out the cable. No luck. It was becoming clear that the problem was with the electronics in the guitar. Swell. Nothing in my tackle box was going to solve this.

I hurried to the music store downtown, and had them look at my guitar. They said they could fix it, but I’d have to leave the guitar with them for a few days. I explained that I was going on stage in less than an hour, and asked if they could rent a guitar to me.

“I’ve got a better idea,” the salesman said, motioning for me to follow him. He stopped at a counter and pointed out a Dean Markley ProMag Plus pickup. “Ever use one of these?” I shook my head. “It’s easy. You just slip it in the soundhole and plug it in. And after you’re done, you can take it back out. There are no modifications to your guitar, and it sounds terrific.”

You know something? He was right. It did sound terrific. In fact, it sounded so good, I decided not to bother with having my guitar’s electronics repaired. And my tackle box is a lot lighter without all those batteries.

Dean Markley ProMag Plus… great sound that never quits.

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Dean Markley Artist Transducer (All Instruments)



Artist Transducer


Dean Markley's Artist pickup is once again a pickup which is so unique that it is patented. Housed in a maple wood housing, Artist Transducer gives you that sound that every professional artist wants.
Through use of a lead differential weight the Dean Markley peizo reacts through compression rather than just bending, like all other Peizo pickups. This unique patented design gives Dean Markley's Artist Transducer its high quality sound at a price which is affordable. Artist Transducer's special mounting adhesive allows the Artist to be mounted and removed many, many times without hurting the finish. The Artist has been on the market for over 17 years and we've never had a complaint about it or the adhesive.

The Experience:

The producer’s suggestion to add a mandolin to the mix was a stroke of genius. As soon as we recorded it, we knew we had something special. I guess that’s why good producers are worth their weight in gold.

It wasn’t until we were getting ready to go out on the road that someone pointed out we’d need to amplify the mandolin. In our excitement, we’d forgotten that it didn’t have a pickup.

Our guitar tech tried several types of pickups in the mandolin, but everything sounded very harsh and brittle. Instead of the mandolin being the part that made the song, it became the part that made the song annoying.

It was Gary—our bass player—who saved the day. He remembered that when he needed to amplify a stand-up bass for a stint in an acoustic jazz trio, he’d been surprised at how well Dean Markley’s Artist Transducer had captured the true sound of the instrument.

It turned out to be the perfect fit… it allowed the mandolin to sound like a mandolin, instead of some type of stringed torture device.

Dean Markley’s Artist Transducer. True. Tone. And worth more than its weight in gold.

More Pickup Info:

It's a great pickup for Violin, Cello, Stand-up-Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Horn, or practically anything else you would ever want to amplify. We've even had a mechanic use one to pickup (pardon the pun) knocks and vibrations in engines. The bottom line is: if it vibrates, the Artist Pickup will catch the vibrations. You do whatever you want with them after that.

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