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New England Guitar Summit 2017 - George's Music Center

All are welcome!! - June 3, 2017 - Bleachers Sports Bar & Restaurant - 300 Middle Street, Bristol CT.

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More Info:

What's a guitar summit, simple. A coming together of some of the areas top players to perform and entertain.
For our 1st summit the 'shred' theme was the focus.
There's no lack of shredders , but the line up we have is over the top.
Hailing from the Stamford area of CT is the unknown gem. Gregg Livesay, this guy has the technical wizardry of the guitar heros of his youth, and it is a impressive list of heros. Gregg will be performing with his band, Kivel recording artist, Livesay. By the end of the night, everybody will know who Gregg is.
From NY, now hailing from the Boston area, Joe Stump. A Berkeley professor, the 'Dark Lord' himself is a master of the stratocaster. This guy is a walking Ritchie Blackmore historian, and a incredible showman. Joe will be preforming with 'Blacknights Castle'
That brings us to our final show case player,
CT's own, the 'southpaw shredder' Jimi Bell,
A local fan favorite, jimi's list is mighty impressive. Being able to say he stood toe to toe on stage with Ozzy Osbourne is enough to capture anyone's attention.
Jimi has been a member of House of Lords, for the last dozen or so years and also his melodic Rock master piece, Maxx Explosion.
To warm the night up, the young gun on every bodies lips when it comes to shredders, Joey Concepcion. Joey's list is a eye opener, when you consider his age. He is working hard paying his dues, and earning the respect of many seasoned musicians, when we asked about a opening act, Joey was at the top of everyone's list.
So now you've met the players. Mark June 3rd down, and watch and support these amazing players.