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Jazz Musicians need more Recognition!!

This last week at the store I had the opportunity to have a jazz guitar legend, Tony Purrone do a last minute clinic!! Tony graciously bestowed his jazz prowess on a small group of lucky attendees. Tony is a true walking history book of jazz music. There are few people in this world that have the depth of understanding of the music we call JAZZ, then Tony!! The thing I realized after speaking with Tony is jazz musicians do not get the "fame" of musicians of other genres. Jazz and Blues came before Rock and Country, but somewhere along the line, the musicians of jazz and blues do not command the same amount of recognition as rock and country musicians. The shame of this is, I really think we as musicians need to know where we come from. This means we need to be aware of the musicians that laid down the foundation of the music we listen to today. I'm not saying we shouldn't like what we like, but I do think we need to open our minds up to other genres, I think this would make us better musicians over-all. George's Music Center caters to all musicians, despite their level, instrument of choice and the choice of music they choose to play. I guess my hope is that going forward we all take a little time and listen to the music that came before the music that dominates the air-waves, that music is called: JAZZ!!

Please give Tony Purrone a listen on YouTube:

Georges Music Center is working on bring CT more of Tony Perrone, in the form of private lessons and more clinics at the store and hopefully to the local schools!! Please keep an eye out for these events featuring one of the best jazz guitarists of all-time.

Thank You.


Jazz Guitar Legend - Tony Purrone