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Beware of School Instrument Rental Programs!!!

George's Music Center has been in business since 1998, and since we opened we have had the best school rental program in CT. I have to share a situation that brought in a new customer today!! This nice lady came in after going to another music store in a near by town to rent a clarinet and an alto saxophone for her children. She was put through a credit check (which she says puts a ding on your credit) it took them over a half an hour to get this accomplished, then she was handed a rental contract, she begins to fill it out, and she gets to the part that was the deal breaker: For the alto sax rental she would need to leave a $350.00 deposit. She inquired why? She was then made to feel like a criminal, she was told: "last year we lost quite a few instruments, so this year we are requiring a substantial deposit" Need-less to say, she never got to the clarinet contract, she left and came to George's Music Center, where she was greeted with a smile and rented both instruments for substantially less money, received brand new instruments, no deposit was required, we are local and it only took a few minutes of her time. The important element to this story is THINK LOCAL first, it will put a smile on your face and save you a lot of headaches and money!!


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