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Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Metallic Gold with Hardshell Case - Used



Jack Casady

Our Perspective:
This just came in from the original owner. Its is great shape and comes with the optional hardshell case, a $150.00 value!

Weight - 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!


Jack Casady Signature Bass
The Jack Casady Signature Bass was designed by Casady in collaboration with Epiphone and is the culmination of years of experimentation by the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bassist to find an instrument with superb, balanced electric tone and the response of an acoustic bass.

Casady is one of the rare rock bassists known by both fans and players for his signature tone. And like The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and The Beatles' Paul McCartney, Casady became a bass player after years of study on other instruments. "My first teacher was a big band guitarist named Harry Vorhees. Later on I took from a number of guitarists; one was Bill Harris who was the guitarist for the Clovers," Casady told "He had studied with a guy who studied with Andres Segovia."

Looking for the Holy Grail of Bass Tone
"When I first started playing, I ran across a short scale semi-hollow bass," said Casady "Despite lacking some low end, I really enjoyed the semi-hollow nature of that bass and over the years tried to capture that characteristic." Casady did find a rare Les Paul bass that came close to the sound he was seeking. "In 1985, I was living in New York and happened to stop in a music store one day and saw a goldtop, full scale semi-hollow Les Paul bass," Casady recalled. "I loved the bass but found the pickup to be deficient."

Casady approached Epiphone with his ideas and with help from our Epiphone luthiers, Casady fulfilled a life-long dream by designing the perfect electric bass.

Like all Epiphone’s, the Jack Casady is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 Customer Service. It’s your music and you deserve the best. Visit your Authorized Epiphone dealer today and pick up the Jack Casady signature bass.


  • Designed with Jack Casady
  • JCB low-impedance pickup
  • 34” scale


  • Serial # - 1207210118
  • Country of Origin - Korea
  • Body - Maple
  • Top - Maple
  • Neck - Mahogany
  • Neck Joint - Set 
  • Tuners - Classic Style 19:1 ratio
  • Truss Rod - Adjustable
  • Scale Length - 34”
  • Fingerboard Inlay - Pearloid Block
  • Fingerboard Radius - 12”
  • Pickup - JCB-1 Low-Impedance Humbucker
  • Controls - Master Volume, Master Tone, 3-Position Tone Switch
  • Bridge - 3-Point Adjustable
  • Nut - 1.6535”
  • Hardware - Nickel
  • Color - Metallic Gold (MG)
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Kramer DMZ5000 Aluminum Neck Bass 1979-1980 USED - SOLD




This is a great vintage Kramer DMZ5000 bass with the original case, hang tag and warranty card. This bass features Dimarzio pickups and the famous aluminum neck. It has one litttle ding and very little wear over-all. It will need a good cleaning and set up and new strings. This instrument was brought to us by the original owner and has not seen the light of day in decades. It plays great and everything works as it should. 

Serial Number: 15077

Weighing in at: 9.6 LBS

All sales final, as this is a consignment instrument.

From the Vintage Kramer Website:

DMZ Series

In 1979, the DMZ series appeared. The DMZ name, based on it's use of DiMarzio pickups contained several models; 4 guitars and 3 basses. Also at this time, Kramer began using a roller-type nut instead of the older type to reduce friction and tension.

The DMZ 1000 featured a heavy maple body in black or natural with 2 DiMarzio Distortion hum pickups and a Badass bridge. The 1000 also had the slimmer body and horns like DMZ 5000 model bass. Controls were 2 vol, 2 tone and 3 way switch.

The DMZ 2000 was the same guitar as the 1000 but with a walnut/maple construction body option and 2 coil tap switches added. The DMZ 3000 was a natural maple (available in black also) bodied 3 single coil pickups on a black pickguard with Strat-ish styled bridge. Controls were 1 vol, 2 tone and 5 way select.

Also debuting in 1979 as one of the DMZ Customs was the DMZ4000 bass. At first, it sported the fatter bulbous body like the DMZ2000 and 3000 guitars. It also had a mini-pickguard in the middle of the body that held a passive split-coil Dimarzio P-bass pickup. Controls on the early version were 1 volume and 1 tone knob and face-mounted jack. This first mach was availble in black(maple body), natural(maple body) or walnut/maple combination. Later that year, the 4000 lost it's pickguard and gained an active EQ and Dimarzio Dual Coil pickup instead of the passive model used on the earlier version. It gained 2 switches, one for power and one for coil tap. Around this time, the 4000 was planned to be dropped and the DMZ4001 was to take over. The 4001 was basically the same bass as the later 4000 version but had only one coil tap switch. Both the 4000 and the 4001 initially had the fatter body but was streamlined down to the thinner-horned, sleeker body like the DMZ1000 guitar. Color options remained the same throughout the run. Necks were standard aluminum with dot inlays and, like the rest of Kramer's alum. neck basses, had the fretless or half fretless option and some with no dots.

Basically, if it has a pickguard, it's a 4000 no matter what. The deciding factor of the non-pickguarded models come down to the time frame the model came out in. Although the 4000 and 4001 is listed as having active curcuity, there are several examples of non-active, non switching configurations on both models. The 4000 run was ended about the time the 4001 came out with very little overlapping time. Both models at different times sported passive and/or active electronics.

The 5000 was a slight departure from the others as far as body shape which was thinner and more streamlined than as before. It had the walnut/maple combo body, (although natural. and black were available), one Jazz and one Precision pickup, crown inlays and 2 volumes, 2 tones and 2 coil tap switches.

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Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Fretless - Black - 2010



American Standard Jazz Bass - Fretless

Our Perspective:
This beautiful 2010 Fender Fretless Jazz Bass just came in from the original owner. The condition is pretty much “Unplayed” It comes with the original hardshell case and all the case candy and tags. The owner changed the pick guard to a white pearl, but the original pick guard is also included. If your looking for a great Fretless bass, look no further - this bass sounds and plays killer!!

Weight - 9 lbs. 5 oz.

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!

OVERVIEW: (from the internet)
Updated bridge and Fender-design tuners modernize this classic!

This American Standard Series Jazz Bass Fretless has a vintage body radius and contour for a classic vibe and feel. The body is rendered in premium ash or alder for optimum tone and sustain. Its rosewood or maple fretboard features detailed nut work and fret marker inlay work. The neck is graphite-reinforced and has rolled edges for a broken-in feel from the get-go. HMV Bridge (high mass vintage) increases sustain, provides punchier tone, beefier looking plates and 3/8" diameter vintage saddles. String height adjustment screws have nylon patches for a tight fit that won't vibrate loose.

A 12-gauge cold rolled steel plate machined brass backstop increases mass, enhances top end. Socket head intonation screws are engineered for a tighter fit, and are now more stable. Features Fender®/Hipshot® tuning keys. The work great, and are 30% lighter, minimizing neck dip. Classic 20:1 tuning ratio, cast zinc with aluminum string posts and mounting nuts, and steel clovers. Brass worm gears, steel worm drives.

With a thinner undercoat, the body breathes easier and has improved sound (more wood influence). Neck pocket paint buildup has been reduced by 40%, greatly improving the wood to wood connection/reaction.

FEATURES: (from the internet)

  • Alder body
  • Graphite-reinforced neck with modern C-shape and satin polyurethane finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges
  • Open-back cast machine heads
  • 2 U.S. Jazz Bass single-coil pickups
  • Volume/volume/master tone controls
  • HMV Bridge (high mass vintage)
  • Chrome hardware
  • Thinner undercoat
  • Improved neck pocket
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