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Olds Ambassador Trombone - with Case and Mouthpiece - Used




Our Perspective:
This USA trombone just came in on consignment from the original owner, through the serial # we have determined this was made in 1979. Its in great shape, the slide is very smooth, there are some light scratches, but no damage. The case is the original injected molded case and it is in terrific shape. Comes with the original Olds 12C mouthpiece. This a great USA made trombone for a student - USA quality at a very affordable price!

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!

Olds History:
The trombone is essentially a big slide trumpet- in fact, the name trombone means in Italian "big trumpet." While there are unverified stories dating the trombone back to the Spartans in 685 B.C./ the first authenticated trombone arrived in the 14th century with the first use of the tuning slide. (The trombone slide is simply an elongated, easily operated tuning slide.)

Until the origin Olds trombone patents of 1912, the trombone had advanced little in mechanical perfection. Unwieldy slides greatly inhibited the free flow of music they were capable of producing. F.E. Olds, the master mechanic, realized the essence of the trombone was the facility of the slide. In applying sound mechanical principals to slide design and a more conical design to the air column, he ushered in the new era of the trombone.


  • Brass with Clear Brass Lacquer
  • .495” Bore
  • Nickel Silver Trim
  • 7.5” Bell
  • 12C Mouthpiece
  • Molded Plastic Case
  • Serial # - A43605
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