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Ashdown BTA400 Bass Head and CL-800 8x10 Speaker Cabinet



BTA 400

Our Perspective:
This beautiful rig just came in from the original owner - it is in pristine condition. It thunders like no other! The head has a anvil style case with wheels and the cab comes with a nice padded cover. These never come up for sale!!

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!


Handmade in our UK Custom Shop, the BTA-400 is a true contemporary bass masterpiece, for tonal connoisseurs who crave the traditional punch of valve amplification with the added flexibility of a modern preamp.

Combining the unmistakable tonal sophistication of our industry-standard ABM preamp with the sonic might of a fully-loaded 6x KT88 400W valve power amp, BTA400 is a stadium-ready powerhouse, currently rocking the world with players like Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters.

All the ABM features are there – EQ In/Out footswitching, variable Tube/Solid-State input stages, on-board compressor, Sub-Harmonic Generator, balanced DI Output with Pre/Post EQ switching, FX loop, Tuner output and more....

Variable Valve Drive – from zero to rock hero
Whatever tonal character you're seeking, the valve drive control can take you there. Engage it and set on zero for a pristine solid state preamp tone, or wind it up to increase the level of true valve overdrive that gets blended into the signal, taking you from a hint of hair to a fat overdrive.

The Drive level be preset and kicked in and out via footswitch, providing access to a huge range of clean, warm and overdriven tones.

The best EQ in the business
Imagine the simplicity of a traditional 3-band EQ but with the flexibility of a graphic equaliser...that's what the acclaimed ABM preamp delivers, and that's why it's as popular with bass-purists as it is with modern tone-shifters.

Designed to be as simple to use as a 3-band EQ but offer outstanding tonal shaping options, the ABM EQ features familiar Bass, Middle and Treble rotary controls and two pairs of additional sliders.

With the sliders set in the center position the three knobs function just like a classic 3-band EQ. But if you require more flexibility, the additional sliders allow you to fine tune the EQ in the regions the standard controls can't reach, providing a huge range of variation and allowing you to tailor the perfect sound for any gig.

The EQ can be switched in via footswitch taking you from a flat fretless sound to your favourite EQ setting instantly.

One knob compressor
Kick it in and this simple to use, great sounding compressor delivers a powerful, even sound, guaranteed to help your bass fill out any mix.

Sub-Harmonic Generator
Once heard – never forgotten. The ABM Sub-Harmonic generator adds an octave below the notes being played bringing fullness to any bass part. The Sub level is independently controllable, letting you dial in anything from a subtle hint of deep bass to a full-on subterranean funk.

Flexible Footswitching
Paired with our FS-4 footswitch (not included) the ABM comes alive for onstage use, enabling on-the-fly tonal gearshifts. With footswitchable Valve Drive, Compression, EQ and Sub Harmonic Generator, ABM puts dozens of sound combinations at your feet, without so much as an effect pedal in sight.

Professional Connections
Not that you'd expect any less from any amp loaded with the ABM preamp section, BTA400 is loaded with connectivity. A Sub-Bass output to feed the desk or an additional amp, a tuner output, transparent FX loop and a Line Input for the connection of an external sampler or sound source. Output muting cuts the signal from the DI output but leaves the tuner output 'live', allowing the player to tune up in silence.

Classic Series cabs
Classic Series cabs have been developed to be the perfect partners to our range of valve heads, offering powerful performance and striking future-retro looks in 4x10”, 4x12”, 1x15”, 6x10” and 8x10” configurations.

Handmade in the UK from the finest Birch Ply Ashdown's Classic Series bass cabinets feature custom drivers, dual Speakon/jack connectors, horn control switch (4x10” only), heavy duty vinyl covering and vintage red grilles.


  • Power Output - 400W 
  • Power Handling - 350 Watt continuous
  • Power Requirement - 115/230V
  • Speaker Outputs - 2 Ohm/ 4 Ohm/ 8 Ohm
  • Frequency Response - -3dB @ 17Hz and 30kHz
  • High Instrument Input - Impedance 3.9M Ohm, input range 150mV 
  • Low Instrument Input - Impedance 10k Ohm, input range 300mV
  • Line Input - Impedance 22k Ohm, input level 0dBu nominal 
  • Sub Output - Impedance 1k Ohms, level 0dBu nominal
  • DI Output - 600 Ohm balanced, level 0dBu nominal
  • Tuner Output - Impedance 22k Ohm, level 0dBu nominal
  • Impedance - Minimum 2 Ohm
  • EQ - Bass +/- 15dB @ 45Hz Middle +/- 15dB @ 660Hz Treble +/- 15dB @ 7kHz 
  • Effects send - Impedance 22k Ohm, level 0dBu nominal
  • Effects return - Impedance 22k Ohm, input level 0dBu nominal
  • Pre-amp Tubes - 1 x ECC83 2 x ECC82 1 x ECC99
  • Output Tubes - 6 x KT88 (JJ REC.D)
  • H x W x D (mm) - 362 x 610 x 300
  • Weight (kg) - 35

CL-800 8x10 Cabinet

  • Model - CL-800
  • Series - Classic
  • Impedence - 4 Ohm
  • Wattage Handling - 1200
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Mesa Boogie WalkAbout M-Pulse & RoadReady 1x15 Cabinet - Used



WalkAbout M-Pulse & RoadReady 1x15 Cabinet

Our Perspective:
This killer amp rig just came in from the original owner. It’s in great condition, sounds incredible. He says the amp was purchased 2002 and the cabinet was purchased in 1989. Comes with a modern Mesa head bag, original cover for the speaker cab, rack ears for the head and the paper work for the amplifier. Don’t miss out on this great sounding bass rig!!

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - Way too heavy to ship!!

WalkAbout M-Pulse

Specifications: (from Mesa Boogie’s Website)

  • Quick Overview
  • Wattage - 300 Watts @ 4 Ohms / 165 Watts @ 8 Ohms
  • Power Amp Type - Simul-State™ Power - 6 Tube Driven Power MOSFET's
  • Preamp - Vacuum Tube Preamp w/ 2x Mesa 12AX7
  • EQ / Dynamics Control - Active Bass & Treble, Passive Mid, Plus a 3-Band Semi-Parametric
  • Footswitchable Functions - n/a
  • Weight - 13 Lbs.
  • Dimensions - 3 1/2" H x 12 1/8" W x 13 2/3" D

RoadReady 1x15 Cabinet

Performance Features: (from Mesa’s Website)

  • 600 Watts
  • 8 ohm
  • Custom Mesa PowerHouse Speaker
  • Custom Mesa Neodymium High Frequency Horn
  • Exclusive Tuned Front Ported “Tri-Port” Design
  • High Impact “Flight-Case” Black Laminate Covering
  • Aluminum Edges
  • AA Marine Grade Baltic Birch Cabinet w/Aviation Style Bracing
  • Choice of Black (Standard) or Silver Metal Grille
  • Trak-Loc™ Removable Casters
  • Retractable Metal Handles
  • Steel Corners
  • Removable Front Cover
  • Height - 19-3/8in 
  • Width - 24-1/2in 
  • Depth - 19-3/8in 
  • WEIGHT - 82 lbs
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Carr Lincoln 18/6 Watt 1x12 Combo Amplifier - USED



George's Music Center is an Authorized Carr dealer. Buy with Confidence!!


Our Perspective:
This amp just came in on consignment, it was originally purchased here at GMC! This customer owns many Carr amplifiers and has decided this amplifier is not fitting his style and has decided to let it go - it has very little play time. It comes with a custom cover, original footswitch and footswitch cable. These amps were discontinued by Carr last year, if you missed one while in production here is your chance to grab one that is in near new condition!

The Carr Lincoln originally sold for $2830.00

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!

The Lincoln concept started with a mint 1964 AC10 we purchased from a collector in England. There is a vibe - an attitude - a nagging simplicity to this semi-obscure amp. So our journey began. The Lincoln embraces the simple Lone Wolf vibe yet goes so much further with ultra expanded tonal range and the convenience of channel switching. Sparkling cleans to heavy overdrive all at the tap of a toe. Lush reverb available on both channels and a two position attenuator for the full 18 giggable watts or a house trained 6.

Add our in house built beautiful dove-tailed cabinet and the Lincoln is at your service!

  • 18 Watts full output ---- (Raw Power)
  • OD Channel Low/High Gain switch - 70s Swamp to ultra 80s overdrive - (Glamtastic)
  • Clean Channel Normal/Bright switch - Warm AC to Top Boost Jangle - (Timbre)
  • Foot switchable channels and OD Hi/Low - (Stage Ready)
  • Built-in switchable attenuator 18/6 watts- (Ultra Useful)
  • Celestion Creamback M-65 12” speaker - (Pistonic)
  • All tube Reverb in each channel - (Aquatic)
  • All NC yellow pine cabinet - (Solid Tone)
  • Analysis Plus cable - (Super Conductive)


  • Power: 18/6 Watts
  • Tubes: 4) 12AX7 2) EL-84
  • Channels: 2
  • Controls: Volume, Normal/Bright, Treble, Bass, Reverb - Drive, Hi/Low, Tone, Master, Reverb, 18/6 Watts
  • Switches: Normal/Bright, Hi/Low, 18/6 Watts
  • Footswitch: Yes, two button - channel + OD channal Hi/Low
  • Reverb: Yes, both channels have individual knobs
  • FX Loop: No
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Fender Pro Tube Custom Vibrolux Reverb 40-Watt 2x10" Guitar Combo - USED



Pro Tube Custom Vibrolux Reverb

Local Pickup Only!

Our Perspective:
This amp just arrived from the original owner - it’s in terrific condition, includes the original 2-button footswitch and cover. This amp has been lightly played. No disappointments here!

Consignment Sale, as such, All Sales Final!

From the internet:
40W is loud enough for any club, and provides just the right punch in the studio, too. 2 - 10" Jensen alnico-magnet P10R speakers reproduce that fullness of tone for virtually any application. Clean, the Custom Vibrolux is punchy and full. With distortion, its punchy bass and horn-like midrange make this amp ideal for sustained and scorching solos.

Both channels (Normal, Bright) have access to the tube reverb and vibrato, which you can control with the included 2-button footswitch.

The Custom Vibrolux Revert-Amp Combo was designed in the Fender Amp Custom Shop and built on the regular tube amp line in the U.S.


  • 40W tube power
  • 2 - 6L6 Groove Tube output tubes
  • 5 - 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • One 12AT7 reverb/vibrato tube
  • 2 x 10" Jensen P10R speakers with alnico magnets
  • 2 independent channels (Normal and Bright)
  • Reverb (both channels)
  • Vibrato (both channels)
  • External speaker jack (4 ohms)
  • 2-button footswitch
  • Tilt-back legs
  • Made in the U.S.
  • One of the world's most-collected vintage amps . . . with updated sound and specs. It's the heavenly, warm, overdriven tone you've been craving. Order today!


  • 25"W x 19-1/2"H x 8-1/2"D
  • 46 lb.
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